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The Cat on the Mat

By Angela Slezak “Just keep returning to the mat,” my meditation teacher often says. “Just keep returning.” Over time, I’ve come to understand this. It’s not about a “good” or “bad” meditation experience. It’s about returning which trains us to … Continue reading

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Real, Fake or Marketing?

By Angela Slezak There’s a lot of discussion today about “fake” news and how to acquire “real” news. Fake and real are binary suggesting “news” is either one or the other. Yet there seems to me to be at least … Continue reading

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Brevity of Thought

By Angela Slezak Classical Chinese texts can be quite difficult for the non-native speaker to learn. There is no punctuation and it lacks many of the connecting words we’re used to in English – and, then, but, if, as a … Continue reading

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