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Melancholy High

By Angela Slezak That no matter what you feel, my meditation teacher has explained, there is some benefit to the self. Even with negative feelings such as anxiety and depression, you’re getting something out of it. This was a major … Continue reading

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The American Dream Has Gone to the Dogs

By Angela Slezak While out with a dogfriend yesterday and his owner, many a person and dog stopped by for a pet and a chat. During the many encounters, I learned that in America dogs have playdates and go to … Continue reading

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Are We at the End of Talking?

By Angela Slezak As is usual at the movie theater before the movie is shown, there are previews and then the message for the audience to turn off their cell phones. Some of the messages ask, too, that the audience … Continue reading

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Books are People Too!

By Angela Slezak At a party recently, I happened upon a guest who was being admonished for the T-shirt she was wearing. A bunny sat reading a book with the caption, “Books are like people, except interesting.” As a “people” … Continue reading

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Business Language, Business Culture

By Angela Slezak In 1980 when Ronald Reagan was elected president and promised a “revolution,” my pre-teen brain was already cynical. Sure, a revolution, I thought. Every politician is going to change all that’s bad into all that’s good. Revolution … Continue reading

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Donald Trump is a Kitten

By Angela Slezak As soon as I put my gym bag on the floor, my new seven-month old kitten was sitting on it, playing with the straps. I could scold him, but for some reason he thinks it’s just more … Continue reading

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Marketing Mindfulness

By Angela Slezak In a new documentary on Lady Gaga, she explains that fame is not what she expected. “It is,” she says,” lonely, it is isolating, and it is very psychologically challenging because fame changes the way you’re viewed … Continue reading

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