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Donald Trump is a Kitten

As soon as I put my gym bag on the floor, my new seven-month old kitten was sitting on it, playing with the straps. I could scold him, but for some reason he thinks it’s just more fun, me chasing … Continue reading

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Marketing Mindfulness

In a new documentary on Lady Gaga, she explains that fame is not what she expected. “It is,” she says,” lonely, it is isolating, and it is very psychologically challenging because fame changes the way you’re viewed by people.” Words, … Continue reading

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Transgender Gods

Myth is how we define the religious belief of the past which we no longer believe. Myth branches out into folklore, legend, fable and parable which are all identified as “stories” and not truth. Myth, however, was once the prevailing … Continue reading

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Female power and creative partnerships

How many female creative partnerships can you name? McFey and Pohler Stanton and Anthony Laverne and Shirley Thelma and Louise Cagney and Lacey Romy and Michele Who else? How about five famous male partnerships? Lennon and McCartney Jobs and Wozniak … Continue reading

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The Cat on the Mat

By Angela Slezak “Just keep returning to the mat,” my meditation teacher often says. “Just keep returning.” Over time, I’ve come to understand this. It’s not about a “good” or “bad” meditation experience. It’s about returning which trains us to … Continue reading

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Brevity of Thought

By Angela Slezak Classical Chinese texts can be quite difficult for the non-native speaker to learn. There is no punctuation and it lacks many of the connecting words we’re used to in English – and, then, but, if, as a … Continue reading

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Mind Lies, Presidential Lies

By Angela Slezak One of my meditation teachers often says, “The mind lies.” In her example, the mind tells you that you can’t stand another minute of sitting still but then you do. The average anxiety attack, she once told … Continue reading

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